I thought ❤

I thought we were just two strangers talking online
Until he called me cute and i blushed

I thought we were just friends
Untill he shared his pain and i cried

I thought we were just best buddies who talked day and night
Untill he told me about his first love

I thought we were just one sided lovers
Untill he proposed me and told about his present love

I thought it was all fine
Untill he occupied those spaces in my writings

I thought it was forever
Untill we broke and i cried!


Hey, welcome to YoAlfaaz family
This was so very developed
The pace of the poem seems to be very calm and enjoyable

Well penned dear… :blush:

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So intensely written that every word just pinched my heart. Tough times give better words may be. Welcome to YoAlfaaz family dear. :heavy_heart_exclamation: All the best for upcomings, feel free to share your thoughts. :blush:

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very nice start and a good post @Manasvi_Kalra
welcome to YoAlfaaz family
keep writing and sharing