I Miss You....!

T he city and the atmosphere is totally changed because of this tiny invisible damn virus which is celebrating its successful birthday of 5 months. My roommate hasn’t even thought of coming back yet. I got a new job completed some of my unfinished stuffs and finally back in city from home. Its been almost a month since I have either called or texted her to know how she is doing, that too in this situation. I know she will be angry but seriously don’t have a single clue of how am I going to cool her, because this time she didn’t even call or text a single word to check on me. And the day went thinking of these, unpacking my bags and with a bachelor lunch.

Just then when the clock struct 3 pm, I prepared myself to call her exactly to calm her, with her number dialing in the phone on my hand. It exactly rings for one turn, then the busy tone lady speaks. I realized that she had blacklisted my numbers. I then put up messages to her in whats-app and Instagram in a line which was of no use as she wasn’t online. Thankfully she didn’t block me there, I was able to see her display pictures indeed. I was staring at the texts I sent, having no choice but to wait until she comes online. It was 3:33 pm, no improvement. Just then my door bell rang. I went to check on. There was girl at my door with her face covered in a mask, dressed in a white kurti and black legging. I was confused as I really didn’t know who she was, but her dress was familiar, with a one sided bag.

“Yess, Who are you?” I asked still trying to recognize the person.

She said nothing, stood staring at me(angrily) for few seconds and removed her mask. I was shocked, confused, surprised, happy, nervous, scared all at the same time. It was Panda (her nickname). She just came in placed down her bag and mask, walked towards the bathroom, I said “Heyyy how you know I am here?, I did not even tell you?” and all I got as a reply was a ‘hardly shut door of the bathroom’. actually that said a lot. I had a towel ready for her. She came out, with water dripping from her face, hands and legs. I lend the towel, but it was snatched from my hand. She wiped and went around my room.

“Pandaa…” I called her, she stared at me, “How come you are here?”. …I continued.

“I have spy to get information about you.” she said taking out something from the corner beside the cupboard.

“What spy? Who? Why?” I asked in a hurry. She just told the name of my roommate who dodged, lied about returning here. “Traitor”, “oh ok, how are you, you really surprised me!” I said as I went to hug her from behind her. But it was tooooo late. She had a kind of cardboard roll, to beat me. Actually she started to beat me!!

“Oh you really remember me?” she was questioning me and chasing me to beat.

“Yesss Pandaa, how will can I forget you?” I said as I was running away from her (in house of total 3 rooms)

“Panda?, Don’t you dare call me a Panda again” she said chasing me.

“Ahhh”( she 1 me 0), “Why dear ? What did I do?” I asked her, running from kitchen to hall, then hall to bedroom.

“What did you do, even I am asking the same” she said came near me and wagged that roll(cane), luckily I missed even this time, she was angry “I am going to kill you now, just come here” she said, as we were rounding that one chair filled with a lot of clothes, next to the bed in that small bedroom. I kept dodging her, so she threw that on me. But missed it. While she picked it up again, I climbed up on the bed, “Panda… listen to me I am Sorry” , I apologized.

“Sorry?, Just a sorry could fix everything? You forgot me, not even a single text?” She said and threw it again on me.

“Isn’t how that sorry works? ouch(she 2 me 0), sorry Panda, really sorry, I know its my fault, I should have at least called you” I said rubbing my elbow which was hit. Both were running and she was sweating all her face. I was done and couldn’t run anymore, so I just pushed her down on my bed when she came to pick up the cane and sat on her so that she doesn’t chase me. But she started to beat me with her hands, though she was tired,she didn’t give up.

“You monkey, get down from me!” she screamed at me. I locked her hands above her head, but still she was scolding me. I leaned towards her, slowly her voice diminished, that cute angry face looking at me, heavily breathing… I just blew some air on her face which was dripping with sweat. She just closed her eyes. I managed to hold her both hand with my left hand and ruffled those hairs falling on her face with my other hand. My angry bird became a tired silent angel.

“Want some water?” I asked, she just nodded yes. “So do I”, " Are we done here with chasing?" again she nodded yes. “Good then, I’ll get some water” said I and got up from her and went to kitchen. Meanwhile she washed her face again, was wiping her face with the towel sitting on my bed. I gave her the water and turned on the fan, she was drinking it like a thirsty kid that rushes home in the middle of its game to quench its thirst spilling the water all over. I laughed at her “slowly…” she gave me back the bottle. I sat next to her, kept it down, while she wiped her mouth. I looked at her, she looked away, her long hairs that escaped her braid were flying for fan. I tucked them behind her ears, she pushed my hands away. I stood up, in front of her and hugged her without a word, while she sits at the edge of the bed.

Within no seconds she hugged me tight, buried her face between my chest and belly. I rubbed her back gently, I sensed that she was about to cry from her breath.

I hugged her tighter. “I Love you Panda…” I said.

“I am sorry…” she broke into tears as she said.

I knelt before her, held her by her cheeks, wiped her tears away. She did not look at me. I called her, she opened her eyes as her hands come and rest on mine. She had a question mark in her look. I kissed her forehead. She finally smiled at me.

Soon she removed my hands from her face and she started to kiss me all over my face, just in a similar way how a mother would kiss her lost and found kid. I didn’t want to interrupt her. I hugged her gently as she kissed me. And after that one final touch kiss on my lips, she hugged me tightly and said “I am sorry for hurting you, I was angry that things around me were horrible, with parents and friends all busy with work from home, you were also busy, I know you wouldn’t reply so I didn’t call or text you, also was angry on you for that, I felt like I was all alone”. I was smiling without my knowledge. “Its Okay… I am also sorry” . I hopped on to bed, sat leaning with my back to the wall, pulled her towards me, made her lay down on my lap and pat her… Soon within few minutes she fell asleep just like a Panda.

It was 4:15 pm. I couldn’t stop myself from admiring her. She is grown up yet a kid who doesn’t know to say ‘I Miss You’. All that came out from my mouth was “I Miss You every single moment” as I kissed her on her third eye. She slept for an hour and then left home. If I had texted her, maybe I wouldn’t have had this chance of meeting her.


Its really amazing man , really amazing :ok_hand::ok_hand: terrific

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