I lost my true love..!

The one whom i loved a lot…
The one whom i loved a lot…
had left me with so many untold questions…

So many questions with no answers,
so many queries but no one here to reply,
so many tears but no one is here to wipe them…

No answer yet my efforts is on…
One day i will got all my answers…



nice work, keep writing more.

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this is not just a piece of writing …its a part of my world!!


Ahh… keep calm one day you will find the best one

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Never feel that you have lost someone you love.Think that he lost the one who only loved him and soon he will realize that for sure. You deserve the best my dear so wait for the one who truly deserves your love and attention.@wordsbyritti

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@potent_quoteworld nice reply friend, give values to one who values others. :slightly_smiling_face:

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