I ll'not mind V●ᴥ●V

I don’t mind
If u told me,
Something that
I don’t want to
Hear it…
I don’t mind
If u said
that i was
Source of ur problems
I don’t mind
If u thought
that i was making
Excuses for their doings…
I don’t mind,
that mean m not,
minding the people
who are smashing,
who are
Pulling me down…
who are trying to stab with their words…
cause, I m the one
who’s minding My
Business, unlike the other’s…
So I do mind to…
Not to mind
Not to mind
In the end
I don’t mind…

READ IT… FEEL IT… :slight_smile:


Great one. :clap::fire:
Welcome here. :heart:

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Thanks :slight_smile:
M having some troubles while using this app :-
Can u help?

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