I Doubt

Staring blankly at blank screen
Doubting my capabilities
Nothing i received as gift

it has never been tough
for roughs tough is the best

In toughness,
i may reach the point
A point-
that can assure me success
But -
" ifs" and “buts” lingers on head

Drumming doubts,
dancing decisions
Game called-
" tug of war" begins
Another headache and stress booster

Dilemma, confusion,
chaotic thoughts
Apparently strengthening-
will power
To not hither and thither but " go ahead"

Whistle blows-
flip this side or other side
…so here my mind and heart decides
Why not on optimist side flip and fall!

…And falls my words,
bleeds screen
Fonts red with strokes red and shadowed thick

I smile!
My heart oozed, silent stormy words!!
The way i wanted, harshly dignified!
Justifying heart without chewed words
Drop by drop! they fall,
satisfying my heart and my brain

Kalpana’s imagination


Wow, such creations. :heart: