I am trying to say you different words( don't take as my personal)

If I am your lover then don’t think me to say you the magic words
I will think thrice before texting you that I miss you, but I’ll end up sending you a video I find funny, anyway.
And I’ll think about how you’d laugh when you see it.

I will remember every little detail about what you said during a 2 am conversation on a Sunday night.
But I will never let you know that I found happiness even in your random, sleepy ramblings about how you liked that actor in that movie.
I will watch that stupid movie over a hundred times, though. And every single one of those times will remind me of you.

If I love you, I’ll tell you that you’re not the only thing I love.
If I love you, you’ll have to share my love with a million other things.
With that little yellow bird I saw chirping this morning-
And almost positively thought was humming your name.
With my favourite song,
Which I believe was composed so I would have one more thing to remind me of you,
One more reason to think about you.

With early morning drives on my favourite country roads-
But only the ones that lead to you.

If I love you, I will not bring you flowers. But I will let you have the the last bite of my Cornetto ice cream, and the first sip of my Oreo shake.

If I love you,
I won’t tell you that I do.
But I will never let you go to sleep
thinking that I don’t.


ahh beautiful fiction madam jii…:+1::ok_hand:

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woww loved it.!!:heart_eyes::star_struck::blush:

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Hehe thank you so much :hugs: sweetie

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Thank you so much :hugs:

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