I am incomplete without you ๐Ÿ’”

I am incomplete without you.

My life has shattered,
Your goodbye was heft.
Yes youโ€™ve moved on,
And i am still standing on the same path where you left.

Life is nothing without you,
I still hope of you coming back.
I promise to fulfill all the gaps,
And all the spaces that lack.

Every song reminds me of you,
You are in my every poetry.
These words are praised by everyone,
But without you there is no victory.

Every good news is unheard,
There are so many ifs and buts.
Tears are my uninvited guests,
I miss the old,the happy us.

I think about you all day,
The limit is infinity.
I am broken without you,
As kabir is without preeti.

The void that you left,
Is waiting for your clue.
I love you more than you know,
Yes i am incomplete without you.


so impressive @obscure_writer
I liked it

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nicely penned :+1::black_heart:

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Nice :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::hugs::hugs::heartpulse:

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