Hypothetical Judgemental Indian Ethos

Our Indian mindset lag behind compared to the century we are living in. We live in a modern world that is progressing and evolving every second in every possible way. However, people here still have some rigid views and ways of doing things, which is hampering the growth of our generation in return.

Accepting the reality of our life sounds like it should be easy enough. But many of us hold on to our own version of reality. It may be about our regret, disappointment, denial, or just waiting for something better to happen in our life.

People should stop judging someone based on their religion and caste and rather focus on how the individual is as a person and not focus about what origin he belongs to. Also, they should live and let the others live by not interfering in someone else’s matters unnecessarily.

Most importantly assuming that every girl and boy walking together down the lane are having an affair, they can be siblings, friends, cousins anything. Why are they so concerned and judgemental about it.

The people also need to understand they are supposed to evolve with time and stop agreeing and accepting a decision blindly just because the majority of people they know are doing it or okay with it.

Always we should make our own decisions according to our priorities and be confident that what we have done is right for us. Because understanding, accepting, and working with reality is both practical and purposeful for ourself. By acknowledging our reality we help ourself choose our dreams wisely and then help ourself achieve them with utmost determination.

Now coming to choosing a life partner, why do Indian mindset is conditioned to think and always looks for a formatted life partner either be it a girl or a boy. People always look for someone who falls under the norms or the category of the perfect ideal partner. Just because they have certain requirements, they want a partner who can fulfill their requirements. Rather than accepting the other person for who they are.

Firstly, Why can’t they be judgemental about themselves first for a moment and think are we the ideal partner for the one coming into our life. It’s high time wake up and stop chasing the wrong one.

Secondly, we should never settle with anybody with whom we are not ready to settle with. We need to find someone who accepts us along with our flaws.

We all have been born with individual personalities, why should we box it up to fit in according to people’s opinions about us. Unfortunately we can’t stop people from criticising us and making an assumption about us. But at least we can try not to get ourself affected with it and stand strong.

The way we choose to think and speak about ourself is our choice and we may have spent our whole life talking about ourself in a negative way, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue that path forever.

Never start to believe in what others say about us. Because If we do so then we are being too hard on ourself. Instead of dwelling at the things that we can’t change about ourself. We need to embrace them because only by accepting our imperfections and flaws we will be happy in our lives.

Lastly, we all need to replace our negative thoughts about ourself with affirmations. Because only we know we are beyond others assumptions about us.


I hope the time will come, one day, maybe! This is a great write up. Keep going. :heart:

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Thank you for appreciating my write up :blush:

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