Human effects to marine plants

It is a basic idea amidst people who study Bottany that plants that are found in marine nature are generally known as Macrofytes and have their own identity, preserving capacity and life cycle to settle on their existence.
Such macrofytes grow in different water cycle, have an entire rotation of taking their food structure from the Sun that can be sometimes low and even in front close to Equator, or can differ while its close to the poles, and hence according to such macrofytes can differ in their nature and stature as well.
Thence, when we say the word ‘human effects’ to such marine plants, it can’t be considered in a single sphere and it has to be separated into various type of modules and according to geographic region we are going to discuss those human effects to such marine plants around the world as far their life cycle, structure and concern of their survival is considered for sure.

Firstly, human effects can be considered in context of contribution, preservation and evolution cycle, where such humans have been responsible to find new plant species at beginning of 20th century, excavated more countries, and this process of nature and invention brought them in touch with new plant world within Macrofytes in which this effect can be seen in the positive way.
However with the arrival of financial impirialism, we witnessed a sharp rise in trying to grow commercial interests, the interfearence of human communities with ports and harbour in such plant life, and in such sense humans started to destroy the plant settlements instead of helping things out and the industrial revolution module effected such macrofytes in a great way.
the same process of contributing to new plant species, the will to know them more and excavating more deep in the seas, and also setting norm or law or punishments for not abiding it has been a process of change and hence human effects to marine plants have been a very complicated process in wider prospect around.

However, with the arrival of modern techniques, advanced systems and varied propelling instruments of growth, Humans have become more vulnerable to such Macrofytes, and the causes such as overfishing, pollution, introduction of invasive species and even affecting largely to abundant plant species has become a major worry in recent years.
the heavy oil floods resulting with crux of ships travelling within the marine waters, introducing of new technology that leaque infrared and radioactive waves are damaging the life within the marine shores, and the way humans still want to grapel more further in hunger to prove and combat, it has resulted in a serious trouble for such plant life.
Although more than anything, the release of acid water, terrestrial machine deployment, and content fluttered on the sea beaches has become a more such a worry, and the more recent example of Ovvaccha bay in russia is enough to explain what humans are doing with the marine plantss and how much damage they have done as negative effects in modern concerns to such plant life within the marine areas.

One thing also have to be considered here more deeply than anything that we are talking of plants only, the reasons mentioned above can be in some ways be considered with marine creatures also but that is a complete different issue, and hence the effect of radioactive waves and invasive plants species is mostly debated than anything when it come to such marine plants and have to be visioned more clearly.
What such waves does to such plants that they do become weaker in strength to complete their food process, in regions such as Arctic their identity become lesser due to more quantity of such radioactivity, and even in warm waterbodies or shallow regions they are not able to procure their food process, and hence this wave effect by human techniques make it extremely threatening for their existence and identity.
Also in context of invasive species, sometimes humans in their approach to experiment with nature migrate few plant species from one place to another making their lives short, where humans try to show they are commited but indirectly make larger effects to such marine plant identity, and the way their polluted substance make some invasive plants species exist uniquely destroying other plant species for which its most dangerous as human effects to such marine plants around.

Thus there are many ways in which human affects marine plant life, it can be seen in both ways with destruction and development of existence for such plants, but the way invasive species have attacked is a serious concern, and yet hopefully Humans would realise sooner than later for their effects and would contribute in a right channel for such plant life indeed.
Also, the way in which they have effected is also going to damage entire marine life, as animals or creature world is vastly depended on such plant life, and by damaging such plants would surely infect their existence, and the cross breeding errors would seriously harm the environment of various diversed regions, for that Humans would have to recognise their efforts and would have to direct them in a right channel around.
In this way we need to realise the role of macrofytes, have to make sure that their growth and existence won’t be effected by human interfearence, and with all the technology, if we can contribute in dicresing pollution, under water devastation, and lesser substance go into such marine waters to contain such plant damage, it would surely help in a great way and should be remembered for long as positive human effects at large…


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Yeah its an extract from one of my book on Plant life that was published in GK Science series back in April 2019.

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