Hug me little longer

As i see outside my window, I see dark sky, lightning. It’s so frightening.
It’s so cold. Can you hear the sound outside the windows of thunders it’s so loud.
The sound of thunders are making my heart beat fast.
Can i just hold your hand to calm my heart down?


I don’t know what to do if you are not here, Let me snuggle up to you forever
I’m ready to do anything to keep you by my side.
Stay a little longer with me.
I don’t think i’ll be able to bear it if you leave…
Hug me a little longer,
How will i get through this night without you…



Seems like your heart is in pain…
Well, the composition is amazing :heart_eyes:


Certainly, the point in one’s life where a person be it anyone leaves you and does not come back. It’s true and one of the many emotions and feelings which make us feel miserable.
It was a heartbreak, not physically but mentally. The fear of the person leaving you and never coming back. The tears. Oh! It’s such a sorrow.