How Long?

How long can we go on…
Like this at home all the time,
Cooking and eating and cleaning,
Going from one room to another!

As you can’t even go for a walk,
Taking the dog out is a luxury now,
As everything else out is closed,
Except for the veggies and groceries!

Working from home is not so fine,
As thought earlier, that it was fun,
Now and then, you need a change,
To move around or play a game!

Anyway, it’s all for a good cause,
That’s to stop the spread of the virus,
If all our efforts give splendid results,
We will all be too glad as it’s our reward!

Jacqueline Lobo John


It’s like another world!

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Yes, never seen before :+1:

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Well it’s a long waiting list ! @Jacqueline


Yes @ Adithyan_ks

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Thank you @sharma.kanika0404 for appreciating :blush:

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