His Pain!

His Pain!
-Alveera Hafeez

Who has felt his pain?
It’s unlike being beaten by cane,
He would feel this for ages,
There are many such cases!

In the darkness of Sun,
He eats tea and bun,
Then he goes to sell,
His heart aches but he don’t tell!

Just to make his day’s food,
For him God has become rude,
Why is it so my Lord?
I know you are the most merciful my Lord!

I have seen the pain in his eyes,
I have seen what his heart cries,
He wants to play too, my Lord!
He wants to study, my God!

But he has to sell balloons,
5-years old but suffering with boons,
He has to sell so that he could eat,
He has to stand whether rains, chills or heat!

What kind of justice is this my Lord!
I know you love him too my Lord!
But Lord this is so bitter and harsh,
He sells for the similar group of marsh!

Lord I can feel pain,
He cries only in the rain,
But I will tell this child,
I will give him the perfect ride!
Ig- @unkahi.talks