Himalayan Monal

This bird is the state bird of Uttarakhand and is popular for it’s crow shape bulging rusque.
Here it is closely connected with cultural and social customs and respected highly.

It also used to be state bird of Himanchal Pradesh but later on Indian Tragopan has replaced it’s name.
Still it has a cultural presence in Himanchal Pradesh and locals consider them of great value.
Not only it is found there in good numbers but preservation of the bird is also done with great presence.

However it’s prestige is equally popular in Nepal where it is the country’s national bird.
They consider it of great significance and has unique position in their hearts.
Prayed as bird of nature and ‘rainfall’ they consider it to be of great connector to god and hence pride them well.

It is considered that the hunting of these beautiful birds for cause of making hat’s tip forced their numbers to reduce in Colonial era.
Though when it was realised that certain factory has deficiate their numbers, eforts to conserve were started by same groups.
They also promoted ‘quit to hat’ movement for the safety of this beautiful bird and hence Jacop Anderster is greatly creditted for such movement.

Historically it also has diversity when it comes to separate region of Kumau and Garwal.
Though certain hunting habits have reduced their location and they are protected under certain laws.
The government of Hilly states has made a separate unit of forest experts who look after their growth and make sure that they are consered well.

It is common to locate them in smaller packs closer to the water locations where they bask in sun.
It is also known for it’s symbols, scars and patterns in numbers that diverse it’s actual capacity.
This bird is also popular for it’s beak beauty and can be easily witnessed it’s ‘beak cleaning practices’ while sitting on the tree.

Ultimately the bird has witnessed many destructive forces in past, has been part of threat to extinction and been brought back well.
But still it require safety and we must make sure it’s safety be our priority.


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