Him and his thoughts


Around away there today,
In a area far, far away.
A soldier rides patrol,
Knowing not what may unfold.
He keeps watch, as he rides,
Over dangerous countryside.
Roadside bomb, could be hit.
Scary, by this soldier doesn’t quit.
Think about Mom and Dad,
About the good times had,
State-side, how long here?
Back to watching, a little fear.
This was a good day,
To think and to pray.
Strange, that prayer is so right,
When there could be a fire fight.
Wheel back into base,
Tomorrow, another ride to face.
Convoys done for the day,
Looks like rain’s on its way.
Nerve racking job but boring too,
But that’s what soldier’s do.
So many over here, none alike,
Who have gladly joined this fight.
Freedom has a high cost,
Lives given, the ultimate loss.
That cost they willingly give,
So freedom can continue to live.
So, we remember today,
All those who went away-
And gave their lives, that we,
Might live here and stay free.



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great post
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