Hi mumma 🌸

Hii Mumma,
Everyone is composing Poetries for you,
And I’m saying thank you.
To the eternal power of universe,
Who made Mothers for us.
Mother’s with unconditional love,
And immence power to save us.

Our first teacher,
Who taught us values & ethics.
Without you I’m nothing,
Just a sort of human.
You made me good person,
With your love & morals.

You are my everything,
Nothing can be like you.
There is no metaphor & simile,
That defines you.
You are someone without,
The universe is incomplete.

Thank you for creating this relation,
Of Mother & child.
Today, even “Dharti Maa”,
Is also blessed & sad.
Having her surrounding clear,
But seeing empty her lapel.


Mom the elegance in once life

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Love. :heart:

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Thank you! @Adithyan_ks
@unknown_soul :sparkles::cherry_blossom:

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