Hey yes you!

You’re a councilor healer who tells me
Lights won’t guide us home,
Google Maps will.
And the only reason you listen to MC Sher gully boy
Is to criticise him.
The new generation calls him
The Rupi Kaur of indie music,
And you agree.
You hate metaphors,
Sunsets and movie marathons,
And think heartbreaks are a waste of time.
You’ll always prefer whiskey over wine,
And eat at Subway
Rather than a romantic date by the sea.
You appreciate the Fibonacci sequence more than Whitman,
And would rather talk about politics
And how Suarez missed a goal,
Than watch the waves kiss our feet.
You never drink tea at night,
And have dinner sharp at 10 pm.
You hate morning sex,
And being late.
But just this once,
You missed a flight to come see me,
And even though you tell me
Broken things cannot be fixed,
I look at you sipping tea at midnight with me,
And wonder,
Did I fix you,
Or have you fixed me?


Ovations, I love the choice of words used. Keep posting such quality feeds.:heart_eyes:


Hihi thank you so much :hugs: