Hey writer

Day light is leaving us
and headlights already begin to appear
scattered on the highway
Waving my hand from the vehicle
I greet a girl
who offers me a sweet smile

I’m in every story
Voices in my head
Gain life on the page
Showing their all
Upon a new stage

Bits of me are in there
Some in more than most
You just have to find them
the paper is the host

I may be the blues man
I may be the painter too
But, just what parts are me
Well, that is up to you

Each character, each story
Is a part of me
But each part is well hidden
You have to dig to see

I’m in every story
Somewhere in the words
I may be just a shadow
I may be singing birds

Look and you will find me
And learn just who I am
In the river of the story
Or hiding near the dam

Each page contains a segment
Of me there in the rhyme
Look hard, I’m really hidden
Don’t worry, it takes time

I’m in every story
Every character is me
Just know that I am with you
Look hard, I’m tough to see


Hey, don’t stop

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Nono it’s random one for you guys am exploring more


I was just motivating @Twisha_Ray

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very well, lyke the poem.