Hey my journey why( don't take it as personal )

I miss our journey of love remember
when we met for the first time,
you broke the ice in no time with a bottle of my favourite beer in each hand
and a never ceasing trail of quotes from The Bell Jar coming out of your mouth,
the first thing
you ever said to me was, “i’m the quintessential bad boy and you are the storybook sad girl, we are destined to be train wrecks. you wanna be one together?”
i agreed, thinking my self-destructive mind
could use some company.
my mother took a look at you
and told me that boys like you
are what red flags look like
you with your distressed denims and painful piercings.
my mother never knew you but if she did
she would’ve hated you passionately.
she told me,
that boys like you grow up
to be dads like mine,
he left us when i was three.
but mother doesn’t realise that I’m a big girl now
and big girls can handle people leaving
without goodbyes.
She hates me for loving you but mother doesn’t know that boys like you
make excellent poems.


Thoughtful. :ok_hand:

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