Hey Donny how are you

We are depressed and listen we are lost
Don’t you think we are,
Sad, but hopeful,
Hopeful for a time when we won’t be,
Is it that terrible,
To not be one of those giggly eyed couples,
We are one, right?
Are you sure?
Is that what couples do,
Wait for their turn to speak, to cry,
We cry, a lot, these days,
Did you know we did,
Or have you still been waiting for the tears to come,
They won’t, Donald,
That’s not how adults cry,
But we do, right?
Are we adults yet?
You think so,
Is that what we become when we grow up,
These sad, pathetic people we once ridiculed,
You do end up becoming what you hate,
You told me once,
Did you really believe it?
Are we turning into the ones,
Do you hate me, Donald?
Do you hate us?
Wait, do I?
Look at us, confused adults,
Do adults get to be confused too?
That’s a shame, isn’t it,
And we thought teens were messed up,
We thought wrong,
Did we love right?
We’ve still got time, Donald,
Don’t we?
We are not doomed,
We are good people,
Aren’t we, Donald,
Good people,
You and I,
Sure we’ve done some lost up things,
But we are good, right?
Do they serve coffee in hell,
Do they, in heaven,
Is there one?
Hell, I mean,
Would you meet me there?
I’m sorry,
I’m not making sense, right?
Am I?
You don’t think I’ve gone insane,
Do you?
I’ve not.
Am I.
Going insane.
I’m not,
Tell me,
I’m not.
You’ll save me, right,
Us, you’ll save us,
We won’t drown,
Someone has to swim,
Do you, would you?
Do you even know how to?
Do you still listen to that song,
Our song,
Do you?
Tell me how does it go,
Say my name,
Call my name, Donald,
Call me yours,
Hey, Donald,
It’s Delilah,
Are you listening to me,
Do you ever?