Hey dear (random musings )

Dear (got inspiration from real friend who healed me when i was lost without my grandpa)

How are you? I hope you are doing well. The only reason behind me writing this letter to you is just to make you understand the importance of your life and to heal your pain, if at all. I know that this letter is not enough to mend your broken heart but I do wish to try at least as you’re a part of my heart.

So dear, I know that you’re in a depression and experiencing a very rough phase of your life after that break up. It is obvious, though. When we honestly love someone and that person cheats on us then the kind of feelings that strike our heart can be understood by no one but the ones who have been through that situation. We often start hating ourselves for having fallen for such a selfish person.

But my question is why to hate yourself for someone who didn’t even care before shattering your heart into pieces, who never valued your feelings and who is not even concerned to know whether you’re alive or not? If that person didn’t think about you for a second then why are you willing to give away your whole life in the memories of such a heartless person. Is it worthwhile? Just think for a second.

Dear, when they left you, when they treated you like an option, when they made you feel unwanted, when they presented a reason to you for hating yourself, when they didn’t try to put forward an effort to be with you. Don’t go to them again and again. Don’t give so much importance to them that you start losing yourself day by day. Love, treat them like a choice if they treated you like an option. I know it’s hard to do but once you start loving yourself with your flaws and scars and by accepting the truth that they are no more with you then it will become easier for you to do it. I am not telling you to forget them completely and it’s not possible to forget that part of your life who used to be your most beautiful part, but if you accept the reality that nobody stays forever and you deserve someone better; someone who will love you the way you are then it will provide you a positive pushback to heal yourself. Just make your heart understand that God has taken them away from your life just to give you the best version of your partner as you deserve more happiness and love. Make your soul your own bestfriend and start interacting with yourself. Rather than thinking of someone else, think about your health, family, friends and morever, about your unique existence on this earth. Don’t search for love as it will destroy you in the end, let the love destined for you come to you.

Don’t sit idle, start getting busy in some work as that will help you to pass through that tunnel of pain easily and at the end you will feel happy and relaxed. Take your time and cry as much as you want but don’t beg for love as that’s a reason of your sadness. Move from that situation and keep in mind that people change, feelings change, time changes and true love remains constant. Moving on isn’t about getting from one relationship into another as by choosing such an option you are just jumping from one problem into another. Moving on is a way to make yourself your first priority.

The primary reason behind your pain is that you failed to accept the fact and you let the constant questions to play with the rational side of your mind like- why did this happen to me? Am I so bad? Where did I go wrong? And so on. But dear, stop questioning yourself as you loved them enough and they are the ones who didn’t deserve that kind of love. So just don’t blame yourself for the situation where you are standing at the present moment of your life. I don’t know but I feel that God has made the phenomena of heartbreak as a necessary occurence in our lives to teach us wonderful lessons and make us stronger. Life goes on, time spares none so just don’t give up. Heart continues to beat but don’t let your heart to beat for someone else.

Don’t let their memories and pictures be the reasons of your tears. Nah! Don’t destroy them but make your heart understand that these memories which once were your reason to smile, now are the reason of that stirred hatred in your heart. So just bury it by creating refreshing memories with yourself, family and friends. Remember, one day you will not shed tears by going through their pictures but will smile and move on by being happy with who you are.