“Mum, I need a to see a counsellor,” April 2014. I had just survived a road crush that evening, my head was pitch dark, my life was darker. It had been a holiday that I prayed would end. Every inch of it, every morning I arose, I wished it was my last. I was suffering from Minor Depression.

“But son, we don’t have to let out our family weaknesses to others.” Came her answer. Just that you may know, this conversation was happening at 10PM in the night, out in the dim light of the moon. This went on and on for 2 hours, but all I remember was the regret I felt within me, a voice challenging me that I’d have better kept it to myself. Though I didn’t know then, this night turned out to be the flight to my introversion life.

*“The pupil dilates in darkness and in the end finds light, just as the soul dilates in misfortune and in the end finds God.”*
Victor Hugo

Depression is a disease, as heart failure, cancer and kidney failure is. Depression is a killer, just as hypertension and heart attack. It is a monster we all strive to run away/out of, but it catches up with us, just as old age does. Depression is not a curse, depression is not an evil spirit, it is a mood disorder. And just as cancer is a sister to organ failure and death, depression is a brother to suicide and homicide . Just a:green_heart:s in kidney failure, we try to eliminate the problem, by taking out the affected kidney. Same way in Depression, the affected individual will try to eliminate the problem; unfortunately, he/she is the problem, and hence suicide is the mode of eradication.

Same way cholera, malaria and pneumonia has signs, same way as depression. And suicide? Suicide and self-injury is a loud call for help. Depression is not a spirit, and hence as we seek medical help for pneumonia, so should be the case for depression. A missed case of depression is likely to record next in the death records. Threats and implication of pain is not the way out. If anything, depression clients enjoy pain.

Today am a mental health activist , I stand for the green ribbon , and May is my favourite month. It is a call to us all. As you cross the road, you are instructed to look right, left and right again. Same case, in life, look into your friend on the right, friend on your left, and on the right again before we wave ‘ good bye ’.