Healing is my

Pulling open the curtains, to let the morning sun in,
Because you no longer have a hangover, from all those nights you couldn’t sleep without being so drunk that you’d eventually pass out, without having to think.
Try to think something creative it can be writing or else
Taking a shower, finishing all the hot water,
With the music playing on maximum on the speaker because you no longer need to worry about them being light sleepers.

Making your own cup of coffee, pouring it into a to-go cup, because it got late when you woke up, and you can always get breakfast on the way to work.

Answering every email, not taking too many breaks, smiling at co-workers, going out with friends and family on lunch-dates, catching-up smiling a little wider getting back your glow, every day.

Not touching your phone every two minutes to see if they remembered you, getting thoroughly distracted as someone tells a story about something new, laughing cheering completely losing your bearing because you found something genuinely funny that they were sharing.

Saying good night and meaning it with your eyes, walking back home, instead of calling a cab, listening to music that makes you want to dance, laughing at yourself as you struggle to control swaying your hands.

Standing just a moment longer, before you turn the key to your door, knowing you’ll be entering an empty home, your hand itching to check if they texted you back, but you turn on the lights and instead go get a snack.

Put on your favourite cartoons, the one you know all the words off, kick off your office shoes change your clothes, commend yourself on another day that you got through, yes this is your healing,
This is You, healing You.


This is really healing the tired mind. :heart:


Thank you so much :hugs: tried

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