Happy hearts

In the bliss of feelings,
Together due to such difficult times,
They all smile in an identical way all around,
Such is the benign treasure of these happy hearts.

Via the share of best moments,
Collective due to such dark times,
They all cheer the life in common gesture,
Such is the grace of these happy hearts.

These are many who had become harsh,
Returning to family has brought new josh,
Happy hearts have finally got time to be together,
Once they were empty, without life and nowhere to boss.

Their expeditions have become better,
Joining their kids making the life more fun,
Happy hearts are able to be pleased even in such harsh times,
They are going to make this social web keep on the run…


great @saurabhpant94

Happiness. :heart:

Grt :clap::clap::clap:

Thanks all for your valuable words, means a lot.