Happy birthday master blaster

When you are hitting the ground no one is required to predict the game.
A born winner
His caption was appreciating lying giving him a clap.
When he started smashing he ball hitting fours after fours,
Boundaries were the ball’s destination and his bat was the source.
When wickets were trembling and India needed some support,
He played the anchor’s role and for India he held the fort.
Undoubtedly the best batsman whom legends were to applaud,
I and a billion cricket lovers consider him as cricket’s God.
Even with the fame he never ever flied,
His love and sprit for the game never seemed to have died.
Yes there were many Vengsarkars and Gavaskars,
But nobody was like him the one and only Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.
To greet you, to pray for you, to bless you;
In this world of unknown few people become so special, so their deeds, so their birthday;
This birthday we call it as a hey day;
A blissful day, a cheerful day;
Every new time, gives the reason to hope, a hope to rope the seasons to come;
The hope that is faith, the faith that is power;
The faith is magnanimous, the power is unanimous;
A nation inspires by you, a nation swears b you;
A nation rejoices you, a nation stands by you;
The hope when turns into smile gives rush for miles in the lives of us;
The hope when turned into a tear brings the hush of fear in the lives of us;
The faith, when turns into courage bring the gush of enthusiasm in the lives of us;
images%20(4) The emotion is you, the emotion is you;

The equanimity you show in the face of adversity, the simplicity you show in the face of complexity;
When the nation’s demand becomes your command;
The demand to place the nation’s pride on the pedestal;
You lead us stoically, showing no pains, for nation’s gain;
We feel grateful, we feel heart filled;
The attitude is you, the gratitude is you ;
When the things don’t work within us, we feel dejected;
When the things don’t work for our happiness we feel rejected;
We try to search happiness through others;
Few people come across to entertain us; few come across to shower happiness on us;
The entertainment is ephemeral, the happiness is eternal;
It’s very ideal to follow the path set by an individual;
You inspire us in many ways, yet remain simple;
You deeds speak in volumes, yet you remain simple;
The inspiration is you, the inspiration is you.


Everyone knows who is the God in cricket

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great him, great your write-up :+1:

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Yes wrote that’s why

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