I once set out,

To find happiness.

Searched for a long time,

Found nothing but despair.

I thought,

World pleasures would do.

Then with a shock I realized,

They were all temporary.

Then I moved on,

Tried to find solace in people.

Then came a discovery,

They all changed with time.

In the hunt for happiness,

I then moved to technology.

Unearthed a fact that,

It gave me joy only till I was online.

After all the toil,

And all the hard work.

I could not uncover the place,

Where happiness resided.

I sat in peace,

I looked to find ways.

And as I sat alone,

I started feeling good.

Something that I always looked for out,

Dwelled inside me all the time.

What a relief it gave me!

When I found the real HAPPINESS .