Hamster Wheel

Overthinking. Dreams, nightmares fears wishes. Stare at the pattern roses roses roses in hopes to stop the machine that cannot be controlled.
True evil in the human condition never known before all too unwelcome a guest at present. Agendas unseen, motives conditional, naivete abounding.

The good in the last blanket I had to keep warm slowly, tortuously unravels. Stings. Needles. Pain. Warnings. IS this paranoia or intuition screaming run-make change-how to know next steps, next steps.

We’re all in this human condition. When is compassion kindness and empathy not deserved, How are we to know we’re not meant to be sacrificed for the greater good or EVIL or someone else’s human condition. Is it our place to overthink overthink overthink.

Is anyone meant to be sacrificed to the monster? Or do we all die fighting.


Beautiful. :heart:
Keep writing. :heart: