Greed is not a financial issue always

The greed that exists in this world, Is seen in every individual in various forms. And it makes a person impatient, selfish and conceited which ultimately leads to unhappiness, jealousy and selfishness. Though it aims to seek satisfaction & permanent happiness. But always leads to temporary happiness. One must understand that life is never measured by how much you own in this world. There must always be a fine line between loving life and being greedy for it. In this world, the greedy is like the abundance of possessions or we could say it’s a demonstration of frailty. There is no end to greed, sometimes people end themselves in wanting more. It’s not a financial issue, we need to distinguish our needs from our greeds. Our desires are supposed to the server as motivation and enthusiasm to lead a good life. But greed will reverse the relationship and makes us slaves of our own desires. The greed of gain has no time or limit to its capaciousness. It has driven the world crazy. And it will never allow you to think you have enough, it always destroys you by making you strive ever harder for more. It destroys everything and also it will lack the confidence in one’s own ability to create themselves and be who they are. If we look at the loopholes, then greed could lead us to overly self-centred behaviour, envy, lack of empathy, never satisfied and know no limits to our different desires. It causes us to risk everything for the sake of acquisition. More over it has corrupting effects on a person’s character and spiritual life leading to have contempt for eternal things for the sake of temporal things. Among all the seven deadly sins, I believe greed is the most destructive sin. As greed itself is classified under behaviours or habits. By giving birth to other immoralities. No doubt God has provided us enough to satisfy all our needs, but still, we all are greedy and overeager. However, if greed is propelled in the right direction, it can create wonders.


Few things exists, which are misunderstood by the viewer


concept of greed is not only practical but it has a moral definity and i think that should also be in touch which we forget sometimes- good concept though.


That’s a really good thought. :handshake:

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