God's rainbow

God says that unto each of us are gifts He has bestowed.
These gifts He’s chosen carefully are treasures that we hold.

Each one has its own color like a rainbow to be viewed.
A teacher’s gifts are plenty and her rainbow many hued.

Red of course is love for each child she comes to know.
For the way she understands them, and watches as they grow.

Pink the color of patience, which is needed everyday.
For question after question which learning minds convey.

Orange is for creative and enthusiastic students.
For making each task fun, yet learning while they do it.

Yellow is for the joy of knowing a teaching hand
Has helped a child who’s struggled to finally understand.

Purple is for wisdom that is earned through many years.
Through laughter of the children intermingled with their tears.

Black is for the fears of the trials they’ve got to face.
For strength now planted in them, to face each test with grace.

Green the color for growing in spirit and in mind
Both the teacher and the student forever are entwined.


Nice post @Twisha_Ray
Colourful rainbow :heart_eyes:

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Really colourful…claps

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Thank you sir :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy that you shared such beautiful work here with us all
Thank you
And yes keep writing
Would love to read more


Thanks a ton sir

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