Glory of Bucharest begins

It was early morning on 27th of September 2019, when in process to get the momentum and travel across, Mr. pant took a cab ride to Pantnagar located in Udham Singh Nagar where he would meet his other Indian experts who are going along side and from there on the travel for the further movement should begin.
At ariving on the airport after a quick bumping cab ride, he was delighted to meet all the other Indians, had a quick photo session and after confirming their security and their seats in the flight arranged by support of Asiatic Society of Mumbai, the team was ready to go in this 1 stop flight that stops at Delhi and then takes flight to Doha, hence it was going to be a great venture.
They smiled while on the trip, asked about the award ceremony a bit and thence in such short 3 hour ride, had arrived in doha where they met the other Asiatic participants and confirmed their presence with another photo session and with a short rest of an hour or so took the next flight that would travel via Omnasque to Bucharest and it was surely going to be a great fun together in flight for traveling for one more venture to have the impressive celebrations in Bucharest in Romania for sure.

Thence after the tiring journey of around 12-14 hours, having some short vegetarian brunches in the flight and after cracking jokes and talking of some works done by the authors in recent times, the moment has come more close and it was only matter of time before the all arrangements done that the happiness should start to spill it’s light and Mr. pant along side all should have the bliss of it for the fun of it.
When they reached the Official Bucharest airport, they were easily sighted by the 'welcome team of Hostel Formenerg, and they offered them the vegetarian chocolate treat and with a quick photo session and garland ceremony asked them to be seated in the hostel cab for the ride from the airport. And hence Mr. pant seated in the front seat with other 3 members enjoyed as it proceeded and had lot of fun while enjoying the scenes explainned by the driver while they were touring to the place.
After reaching to the hostel formenerg, once again they were greeted well, Mr. pant has his own supporters here also so he has quietly circled himself around them and with hand shakes all around he was shown his room by Trisha Khandelval ma’m who works here for the Indian hospitality service and with an animated chat with her about the ceremony to come Mr. pant had settled and his other Indian and Asian friends had settled in their room for the comforts to have.
Now only the time was ticking by and the moment was not more far from here when that all glory should come to fruition, people should start to gather and the great ceremony shall light the stage of happiness for all of them.

As it was still close to early morning of 28th of September, Mr. pant strolled outside for a quick walk to find some more friends who know him already from his last previous two award winning moments and they talked on his new work ‘warming Fumes’, congratulated him and expected more saying that ‘balcan cries’ and ‘Sky of scars’ has been an absolute delight to read that brought smiles on his face.
He once again met the attendent, told her of the volunteer service he would require and coming back to the room he proceeded down stairs having a short vegetarian breakfast and all he awaited now for the big moment that was not so far and should be of highly delight.
Before that he confirmed Olga madam, the leader of the Hotel formenerg of his arrival, Insured T S sir the director of the organising committee that he has arrived and with short chats done he had returned back to his room, has removed of his hostel clothes and with a short bath, clothes for the award ceremony covered and a smile to smooth his face it was now close to call the arrival and move on for the ceremony that would preceed in it’s own way on 28th of September in Bucharest for sure, Till more the joy of Bucharest shall come, for now i’ts as they say cheers from charlie…