Glimpses Of My Childhood

:black_medium_small_square:Glimpses Of My Childhood :black_medium_small_square:
As i walk through the coarse couch of grown up phase
where innocent childhood doesn’t grow with tender meadows,& the life inhales the air of stress,
travesties & desolation ,
I crave badly for the fresh air of my childhood
where my magical world laughed with beguiling innocence.
I want to walk back again in the golden days of imagination
where sleeping late at night caused the entrance of a ghost,
where clouds prepared a canvas of various imagical forms
& we used to gleefully clapped watching them
floating in their own delight.
Tints of red, blue & green ice creams enthralled our mind & we used to persuade to our parents,
Putting my mothers make up was an another ecstasy, giving me a feeling of grown up teen ager.
I frequently laugh with my mischievous mistakes with my friends ,
from playing hide & seek to grabbing the first position in any game with cheating
& small fights resulted into “katti” with one & leaded us hugging each other forgetting the small issues.
I miss the charming days of going school without homeworks & getting punished by mams
& bringing chocolates on our birthday to celebrate happily.
In this era of whatsapp messages & fb wishes,
I still want those new year greeting cards & birthday cards back where we share our love with the special ones.
Childhood was the unsung lullabies of eden
slowly & prominently living in the deepest core of our heart, enlivening with the tiny enchantments we wish
to get back instead of any thing by hook & crook.
Hope, one day the invention of time machine
will at any cost return me back,
the most auspicious moments of my tender childhood
& remove the dark patches of this harsh adulthood.



You are just blowing our minds
Going ultimate and back to back block Busters.
Well, yes childhood is the awesome and most rememberable time of person’s life.
I too have a lot memories and yes I too want to see all those days once at least.
You are good as always with topic, words, composition and on total it’s great.
And yes

If you find a way to go back to past, please remember me too :wink:

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Thank you a lot dear @Ravi_Vashisth…you always make my day with your valuable feedback! Love it!:heart_eyes::heart::maple_leaf:

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