Glass Heart

One of life’s great mysteries is our own emotions. #love is an elusive entity who plays hide and seek in many disguises. We often end up finding a doppelganger and not true love. Our #heart is bruised and shattered. But can it be mended?


There once were two young beating hearts,
Which could not stay one day apart;
A special flame between a boy and a girl,
Who loved each other more than the world.

But ‘love’ is ‘evil’ as it’ll show,
Spell ‘L-O-V-E’ backwards and you’ll know;
The boy in secret liked another one,
And his love disappeared like the morning sun.

Alone at the altar, the girl was left,
With her glass heart shattered, she wept;
She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t smile,
She walked aimlessly for endless miles.

Seconds turned to hours, hours into days,
Days into years, in so many ways;
Her heart of shattered glass hung by a noose,
Living miserable is now what she would choose.

But they say that fate always has a surprise,
True love can’t be seen, it’s in disguise;
Those who are true, you can see it in their eyes,
It’s powerful enough to wash away the burden of lies.

The girl was lost without any hope,
She wanted to find a tree and a rope;
The pain she suffered was making her insane,
The boy was all she could think about in the rain.

In the wilderness, she walked alone,
Her skin tired and withered to the bone;
Her beauty lost, so had her sound,
Wandering to death till she was found;

She eventually reached the house of a repair boy,
Who fixed things in his house of toys;
He greeted her with a smile she’s never seen before,
That very moment, her chest hurt no more.

“Are you OK Milady”, the lad asked the girl,
“Why are you wandering like a lost pearl?”
“My heart of glass is broken”, said she,
“Could you please repair it for me?”

With a warm smile, he took her in his care,
He fed her, healed her, and made her new clothes to wear;
In his home, in peace she slept,
Like she was no longer in the world’s debt.

As she slept, the boy worked on her heart,
The glass jewel in her chest was falling apart;
So, he did the one thing true love would do,
To bear her pain, and make her life anew.

He opened his own chest and searched inside,
He took out his glass heart, though he almost died.
Piece by piece, he broke his own heart,
And stuck it to the girl’s, to mend it like art.

After a long painful ordeal, he was done,
The girl’s glass heart was once again one;
She opened her eyes, and he was the first she saw,
*His almond eyes, she stared in awe. *

With her heart whole, she could talk again,
She was beautiful, bright, and no longer in pain;
“I don’t know if I can ever repay you”,
“That’s OK Milady, you don’t have to”.

The girl thankful, went on her way,
In search of new love, into the bay;
Blind was she, as she couldn’t see,
The boy’s silent words “Please don’t leave me”.

Away she went, like the quick monsoon,
Alone he was left in his silent tune;
In pain, he fell onto the grass.
In his near-empty chest, only shards of glass.

As he took his last breath,
He no longer feared death;
The girl’s smile was all he could see,
Slowly he closed them, now his chest empty.

Dedicated to all the selfless souls who have given but never received and to all the broken hearts with a story.

You hav a heart of gold. Stay the same. One day, your journey will make sense. Good things are on their way.

So take a deep breath, smile, and never forget to
Love Yourself

By George Santhosh


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How beautiful is this! A story in form of a beautiful poetry. Blessed to read such poetries. Keep inking more and more. :heart_eyes::heart:
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George Santosh, what a beautiful poignant poem !!! Congratulations on the win !! :clap: :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi George, I would like to read more of your poetry . Are you on FB?

Hi Ma’am, Yes I am available on Facebook and Instagram.

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Oh wow such a great story and the way to write it!! I’m in love this :heart::heart::heart: