GK Sports series

This series is a vivid piece of collective work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published on 3rd of April 2019 by support of Canberra press that is located in Australia.
The series contain around 20 interesting works and they all contain diferent sports which means that 20 books try to cover around 20 different type of sports and for that Mr. Pant has worked hard to collect facts and reference them where rightly suited for which the entire Australian continent reading community has praised him and enjoyed his works.
Although he is not only responsible for such a great series and the tables, designs and photographs like always has required permissions and he is gratified once again to his editorial team from Mumbai offices and smooth editorial functioning design team of Canberra press for doing the whole effort, and also wish to gratify all those players who allowed their photographs and analyses to be in the all 20 of them, thus he hopes for the great impact of the effort in future series itself.
The extracts from the 20 books are not yet available on Mr. Pant’s blog safron but he promises to his all readers that they will do appear in the next year, and till those come he wishes them to keep enjoying these works whether in print or in the print ready Pdf available either in paid or for free download in varied Canberra press stores around the world, and he wants to thank all who have till now enjoyed the works, Till more such joyous efforts and more creative work come like it is always said for now it’s cheers from charlie…


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