GK Science series

This series is a vivid piece of collective work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published on 2nd of April, 2019 by efforts of Lambert Academic Publishing that is located in Germany.
The series contain 8 works that are all based on Science and present different annotations on various inner fields from Biology to Medicine, and from technology to the newly made changes that has helped science become such a vast field itself and to present correct facts Mr. Pant has been complemented for the series as well.
All of these works define the scientific means, some do present complete evolving processes and also rightly measured facts, and for sure the editorial team of Mr. Pant Mumbai offices and the LAP Germany has done great hard work, whether it’s human structure or space excavations, the photos are presented phenomenally and for that Mr. Pant is thankful to all of them.
The extracts of the books are presented in the year 2019 on Mr. Pant’s blog Safron and he is greatful to all of those who visited them and enjoyed around, and also hope to bring more updates in future if possible, with hope that people would continue to present their love to these 8 works whether in print or in print ready pdf, he wish to gratify everybody and now as it is said with more blissful times in the new year coming soon for now it’s cheers from charlie…


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