GK Geography series

This series is a vivid piece of collective work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published on 2nd of April 2019 by support of Lars Mueller Publishers that is located in Switzerland.
The series contains 6 works and they all are focused on the geographical structures mainly presented through photographs, maps, designs and the text dictated by the author and once again it won’t have been possible without the hard work of his editorial team and the L M group photo tools for which the author is gratified to both of them for their wonderful support.
All of these six works define the geographical consent, bring some spheres into highlight that includes some parts of the earth and some parts of our solar system with their scientific history, and they are presented in such forms that would be helppful to give brief insights and once again the author is pleased with all great people who allowed the images as references in the books and also the map design coding that was allowed from official geographical unions for which he shall be gratified to them and feel greatful that these six works came to existence.
Thence the works are well responded across the globe, the author has been congratulated not only in Swiss global geographical union but also by some great agencies, Though extracts from the works are not yet on Safron but author promises to readers that in 2020 that they will come, and he hope that people would continue to enjoy these works whether in print or in print ready PDF and as it is said till the more joyous works come, for now it’s cheers from charlie…


Neat Work!


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