Gk environment series

This series is a vivid piece of work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published on 4th of April 2019 early morning on his birthday by support of Academy Book Company located in Auckland in New Zealand.
The series generally contains around 23 works and is the most expanded series of all of the 5 efforts that were published in the grand week of writing by efforts of Mr. Pant, his editorial team, online support system and for it credits goes to all including the publisher for accepting and making the works available.
The works are generally focused on Environment that includes history of environment and human relations, environmental structures, all 7 continents with their climate, a strong base of environmental concerns including climate change and Pollution, and many others are well addressed in all the 23 works and for the commitments Mr. Pant wants to thank all those who allowed the facts, photographs and other table as well as illustrations mentioned in these all works around.
The extracts of these all works of this biggest series by Mr. Pant are yet to hit the eyes of the readers of the blog Safron and they may receive them in 2021 for which they may have to wait bit longer, but meanwhile they can all enjoy the works either in print or in print ready pdf and the author promises to mention some text soon in future relative to all 23 works, Till more such joyous moments and efforts from Mr. Pant with his team come, as it is known to be it’s cheers from charlie…


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