GK culture of India series

This series is a vivid piece of collective work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published on 1st of April 2019 by support of candid creations that is located in Singapore.
The series contains mostly 11 works and they all are focused on the Indian culture which makes it an impressive collection and it is a group of work in which Mr. Pant’s editorial team has done lot of hard work for which he is gratified to them and also happy that his dictations were benefitial and resulted in such great presentation.
These works normally represent the system of the culture that is proud on it’s own long existence, the abilities it present in form of diversity in the country, and what Mr. Pant has done to make it symbolic that he has not gone in describing long and kept his words short by facts which make these 11 works impressive and provide them great touch by the symbolic pictures for which permissions from certain groups, authorities and agencies have taken by the Pant office team and Mr. Pant is gratified to all who were able to allow them writing such a great series around.
The works have been responded well across the world, few short extracts from these 11 works are also available on the blog itself which were responded nicely and Mr. Pant wish to thank the blog readers to have their views on them, and he hopes that the works continue to make their remark whether in print or in the print ready PDF across the world, thus gratifying everybody that involved in the smooth release of the GK culture of India series, as it always known to be, till more great moments come it’s cheers from charlie…


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