Funny or serious 🙄

She’s been having weird thoughts lately; so weird that if those thoughts had a body, they’d have buttocks in place of its face.

One of the recent thoughts that she had was being accidentally transported to the Eutopia This was the land where nobody had experienced the sulking emotion named Sadness.

And she, being from the land where people breathe this very emotion, was there to tell them what feeling sad felt like.

In the thoughts that she weaved, she was one renowned philosopher with a PhD in Emotions who was invited as a guest lecturer there.

So, in her head, she begins and tells them, the happy ones, that sadness is lilies being planted in people, people dreaming of bearing bulbous flowers, but the gardener never returning to water them, so their dreams shatter and they feel… they feel useless.

She tells them, the happy ones, that sadness is dying thrice; first by blowing bubbles, day after day, thinking the heavy soul that they carry along will one day start flying like a bubble itself but it only gets heavier, so they die under its enormous weight; second by coughing up blood-red, marrs-green, tyrion-purple, starfish-orange, unicorns, dreams, dreamcatchers, and every rainbow there was in their body; and lastly, because there still was so much blue that demanded to be felt.

She tells them, the happy ones, that sadness is Mount Himalayas erupting on people’s skin, it’s a Tsunami drowning in a puddle of tears; it’s a fairy that has misplaced her magic wand; it’s… it’s a writer that no longer writes, rather no longer knows how to write, so cries because that’s all he knew and now, doesn’t.

She tells them, the happy ones, but wait…

What does she see? She sees that some of them have grown 8-inch long nails, some of them 10, some of them even longer.

In the thoughts that she further weaves, the place where she is, turns into a total chaos. She is told by the Dean that the lecture will have to be terminated because some of them were perhaps feeling sad.

Since nobody in the la-la land had felt that feeling before, the doctors assume that when people there feel sad, their nails grow.

The sharp edges of her brain cells keep knitting yarns of thoughts, and she tells the Dean and the doctors how in her world people cry if they feel sad but they only smile for they are oblivious to how the word “cry” functions.

Consequently, she goes neck-deep in a pool of emotions ranging from guilt to pleasure to anger.

She is guilty and angry for making the people in the la-la land feel this terrible emotion; the emotion nobody deserves to feel; the emotion she knows will make her rot in hell for having introduced it in the Happy land; for being a selfish ass; and for so much much, but then, she is glad her words could do that.

That’s what philosophers are for actually; they make you think, feel, and everything in between.

Well, because she knows she can’t accomplish all this in real, she weaves imaginary lands and does that there.

Yes, she’s been having weird thoughts lately.

But are the thoughts really weird if they make her happy?

She doesn’t know.

She is just happy.

Happy for the magic she did with her words.

And now, when she’s back in the real world, guess what?

She’s happy buying nail clippers so she can take them along whenever she creates that la-la land in her head again, so she can cure them.

She’s not a bad person, you see.

She’s just been having weird thoughts lately.


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