From the Depth!

From the Depth!
-Alveera Hafeez

She hugs me when I cry,
She rewards me when I try,
When everyone leaves, she stays,
When I hate myself, she praise!

She knows my depth,
The secrets I kept,
When everyone betrays, she stays,
When I feel alone, she raise!

She has some unforgettable tones,
She knows my every cell and each bone,
She had a image, I gave,
A creation of my mind, I saved!

Her long hair, her supportive smile,
An imagination of my own, she is versatile,
Unable to give a face, but with beautiful eyes,
She is my everything, with her time flies!

To build isn’t my art,
But to escale is,
She knows my heart,
Where the darkness is!

Healing is my part,
But supporting is hers,
She remains in my heart,
Where everything is hers!



Lovely. :heart:

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beautiful :heart_eyes::blush::black_heart:

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very nice and interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tysm :heart::heart: