Friendship and hugs

Everytime we hug
we inbreathe each other,
we entrust a little bit more of ourselves
like a grant, a little gift,
to one another,

something to flavour,
a breath of garden,
something like a fever,
an incalescent yearn for mutual warmth,
something from another monarchy
of being β€œme”,
a bowl of soup
a relish of enthusiasm
to remember
or to be remembered by,
a peep
into the diorama of passion!

Every time we hug
something in us dig deep in the others,
something fathomless rooted in their chest,
zeroing in
on something left behind,
a piquancy, a feeling, so familiar yet lost, elusive,
the immurement that set us free,
the clicking sound
when wings are matched.

Every time we hug
the universe contracts,
the detached two between β€œus”
are one and attached,


Unbreakable bonds

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lyke that really much

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:grin: thank you so much

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Thanks dear


carry on, ur welcome

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