For Survival

Essence to life is love
Its an essence to my being
Adding life to my life
Doubling my life
single one is too short

Day to day survival is tough
They are images; twisting turning,
Differing each other
Images in imagination
Changing images, startling me
Creating poetry
Fanning my image as a poet

Applausing crowd,
thrilling me, sometimes frightening
Eventually, at nights
I am alone, all alone
Under the light night lamp
I lie still; almost dead
Deep in imagination,
I wander lusty, to find image
To fill ink in my heart
So that i dip my pen in it
And skid on paper lovingly;
Heavenly words pouring love

Kalpana’s imagination


very nice kalpana ji😊 @Kalpana_Shah

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Thank you so much

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ur welcome mam😊

wow ma’am :cherry_blossom:

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Thank you very much