Focus for something different


Let’s focus on something else.
Just observe the key points in your life.
I praise everything we see in life

No sense of getting tuned up.
I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.
Everything is not a game.
Why are you treating me like some kind of criminal?
I think you are evil.
I’m trying to help you out.
You are trying to take away my blessings.
I don’t even want to be the boss.
I just want to be me.
I’m not trying to hurt your feelings.
Do right and you to would have stuff.
Instead of just hating on another person.
I’m getting sick and tired of this shit.
What did I do to you?
You act like you are so much better than me.
You being mad at me is not my problem.
That’s God’s problem.



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Thank you so much :hugs: haha

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