Flight of no one

Smoke seems to swirl along the buildings,
Coughing people has become a known phenomenon,
Once the development I felt in my city,
Now with such pollution seems flight of no one.

Fog of dust cover every hinge of the towers,
Damaged lungs, increasing hue and other feelings are closely connected,
Once the proud that was in my heart for the evolved city,
Now it seems to be the flight of no one.

No one feels safe in such air,
In winters it becomes deadly than worst,
Rising masks, stranded faces and lost lives is the only flight of no one,
No wonder why still development is on such faces worrying to be first.

Every breath is caught in chest with such polluted air,
By more people’s venture it becomes absolutely dejected,
Ill bodies, lost forests and destroyed greenery has brought this flight of no one,
More so-called development with such air will leave everybody on earth stranded…


Truth of today’s world… well, you have penned so well…

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Nicely written. :heart: