Five Feets Apart! 🌸

Five Feets Apart🌸

Being in love you have to sacrifice for love,
May be it was necessary.

Not always you enjoy the company,
But learn to let them go.

Obstacles will always welcome you,
And we need move on.

No one can stop you to loving someone,
Because heart is superior of all.

Being in love is most beautiful thing,
& most incapable at times.

Love will always nourish you,
With happiness, tears, Challenges.

We have no other choice to accept,
The shades of love.
-Ritti :cherry_blossom:
P.S…- It’s a movie Five Feets Apart of Will & Stella. It’s a movie about a disease called cystic fibrosis. In this disease whoever is suffering from this disease have to maintain distance of 6-5Feets, if they don’t do so, Thier bacteria meets and destroy lungs. In this movie they both are suffering from this…IMG_20200529_141358_893


Yups a true emotional movie

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It’s a beautiful movie, indeed! :hibiscus::heart:



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Yes… ,:cherry_blossom::slight_smile:

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