First Periods

The first period is an important milestone in every girl’s life. It’s the beginning of a long phase of life around 40 years, that you may be fertile. Many of us probably remember when and where we got our first period. A lot of us probably also wish we’d been little more prepared about periods. Why is discussing periods make parents and kids feel a little uncomfortable? Society has to break their stereotypes about the views they have about periods. Even my mom or dad never said anything about it to me. I feel it’s the responsibility of both mom and dad to educate their kids. They must educate their daughters about periods so that they can be prepared for it. Rather than getting into a state where they are amused to know about it when it happens for the first time. It’s something natural, but still, I don’t get it why people feel embarrassed to talk or discuss. Ask if your child knows about periods. Then, you can share information. Puberty can be tough to deal with as a parent. But parents need to begin the conversation and talk to their daughter’s about puberty at an early age.PMS is a state when a girl has and physical symptoms that happen before or during her period. The symptoms include moodiness, sadness, anxiety, bloating, canon. However, it differs with every individual girl. All teenage girls should be well educated about periods. There is a lot more to learn about periods. Most girls get their first period when they’re around 12. But getting it any time between age 10 and 15 is also OK. There isn’t one right age for a girl to get her first period. Every girl may have lots of questions about their first periods. I remember an instance, where a girl after her first period was unable to fathom the situation and she started crying because she thought she’s going to die after seeing soo much of blood and she taught this is the end of her life so if she was aware and educated about it prior she would have been prepared for it. And also I see girls going to the medical pharmacy and feeling shy to buy pads and tampons. First, we girls have to accept it and stop feeling embarrassing about our periods. Let me ends this by stating that I criticize society. The views and perception they have about periods should change. It’s something natural not in girl’s hand to control it. So all the girls out there start to embrace and live with it rather than feeling frustrated and embarrassed.


Well @potent_quoteworld, first thanks for such an outstanding post. I accept and agree with whatever you say and expect. Yes, parents should be the first to teach Thier kids to prepare for anything.
Periods is something no one can skip, and in addition, it’s not actually a bad thing or problem. But, as you said girls usually don’t get prepared for the first time.
Don’t know about the parents and surrounding, but some people like us, specially like you can help girls to prepare for their first time.
Also, helping someone gives the best satisfaction in life and we’ll keep on doing so by any means.

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Much needed education this is. The power of education fails in front of this embarrassment and we need to get out this. Well written. :heart: