Find the one

We all try to find that one . The one who make you smile . when you think of then . The one you can finish there sentence. The one you can said he is my everything. Then you wonder how you know he the one . You start thinking. Do I really know me ? I meet alot men. I date couple of men. But when I meet you . You was so different from the rest. I can’t said you the one . Because of some of your actions. You are scared to take that step . We have couple year together. You think about now . You will know I am the one. So how can I said you the one. It hard to put it together. What should I do ? I just wait to you decide to take that step . Only your heart know the true. The part of you that whole back. That side I wish I can see . I want fairly take ends. I want to hear those words. I want to enjoy life with you . You said we good like this . What am I missing between the line . We are the perfect match. I don’t know what your heart telling you. Maybe it afraid of regret. By your actions just gave me second guess my self. So I don’t know you the one . My heart don’t know the answer. My mind is blank . I am in middle of everything. Do you know where I stand ? Why it hard to said Yes you are the one for me ? You said I here for long way . But you afaird to said I do . Only the right one will said I do. Because you will have to take that bad step . You are afaird to do it . It just make you think about one first day we met to now. Tell now I don’t know you the one. My life won’t be couples without you. You are the miss piece of my heart. Life is different when you in it . Love will always find you. But you have to go drove to see he the one . Hopefully you don’t have something block you heart. It hard to heal a broken heart. only a true men will know how to heal a broken heart . Hopefully one day my heart will let me know to gave you my all . To you gave me your all . You will gave back the same ways . Tell my heart tell me you the one. I can put my gear down with out any douth or fear. I will know are you the one or not.