Fight Back Climate Change

We are moving towards mass extinction. We are suffering. We are dying. Every species is being affected yet we are doing nothing. We are not controlling our desires and emissions. We are killing our future. We are killing our future generations life span. We are killing our own species. Our own blood and race. These luxuries are killing us yet we do nothing and we are doing nothing. The temperatures are rising, animals are dying, plants are withering yet we keep on emitting heat. What are we doing? What are we gifting our generations? A dark future without any hope. If the temperatures rise above 1.5 °C then the entire ecosystems can never be restored to normal. We can never stop these reactions after it breaches the 1.5°C goal. It would be improbable. It won’t stop! It’s time to act now or never! It’s time to begin the step towards the better future. We demand this to all of the leaders to do something instead of just talking and selling you positive ideas. We demand action for our generation and the future generations to come!

-Alveera Hafeez



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