Faults of misunderstanding

The clouds are crowded on the sky
Below the earth one a crowed is formed
It was a rainy day, everyone is having an umbrella
But there was a guy who stood alone the shadows
Of the tree, some are murmuring among in between the
Crowd. Yet one among the family member called him inside
He was very tall wearing a suit of death. He walked towards
The graveyard the member of family is disappointed and some
Are angry on him yet he didn’t show his face upwards later the
Priest started addressing the gathering and following the rituals
The priest after ending a soulful prayer to the death one and called some
Upon the family members to know the good the things the passed away person has done later the priest asked "anyone else than family members like to recollect or would like to speak up please come forward " every member was staring the shadow guy but he told the priest "no i don’t have anything to say " his voice was so thick and hard then the last rituals was done. Later he was left alone the sky was crowded the darkness becomes more, started raining. everyone was rushing towards there car later there was a dog running towards the graveyard only the mother of death person noticed it she told her husband to go,she will come within a second The shadow mam bent before the grave and he took a paper from his pocket, at the same time dog also lying on the grave aside he then read out "DEATH TAKES THE BODY. GOD TAKES THE SOUL .OUR MIND HOLDS MEMORIES. OUR HEARTS KEEPS THE LOVE.OUR FAITH LET US KNOW WE WILL MEET AGAIN. " he cried then he wiped the tears later the dog try to lick him. The shadow man then goes towards the parking ground he sees there was her mother weeping she then suddenly catches him told "it was not your faults "She then said whipping her tears "it was the bad trusting issue the false knowledge her leading to her death " then he hugged and told “i understand you maa” "let us now pray for the bloody rascals who made this to suffer let us try our best to win the case " later they returned to their own vehicle both of traveled same directions yet at a junction they turned left and right.

Guys :- here i just i shared a post regarding the indian society how they are misunderstanding the loved one’s of a girl who got raped by his negligence of her trust on her best friend
Hope you all go thoroughly read twice so that you got a broad idea of negligence and the way the society looks at the good people who have not done anything but the POWER OF MISUNDERSTANDING


:pensive::pensive::pensive: u r one the best written who wrote thinks which is related to our society @Adithyan_ks

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Thanks mam

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