False Claims

I claim to be much social
without knowing its essence
creating multiple social accounts
is not sufficient
by pressing like button doesn’t make you so
sending emoji can’t help you to come close

Already distanced from each other
don’t accuse the virus only
it claims physical distance
but of what we had earlier
it is a real distance
which makes our hearts apart

First, we used to be citizens
now people call us netizens
expert in creating posts and quotes
we may call ourselves the best
but in reality, we are not of our family
it is difficult to think about society


Can’t agree more! Socially active people are more distanced in real…

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U r rt bt my poem convey the same msg.

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Yes, I said I agree. You are right and it can’t be more true, already so much true. :blush:

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May be you can say so, but sometimes social media connects you to those souls and those souls became important part of us.
I actually experienced this, because if this wasn’t true , I never ever discover Priya di who introduced Yoalfaaz to me.


Knowing each other on the digital platform is not sufficient we need to get activated in real too. I feel it so that is why I mention all this in my poem. Though in close contact on WhatsApp, FB, Twitter, etc today I’m much distanced from my friends and relatives than a few years ago. I used to visit their homes to meet them frequently in a row within a week. But now It is because of social media which don’t allow us to hang out by sharing and express our thoughts while being at someplace to have fun together. Because every one of us ignores by saying “Inbox me”. Well, this is my opinion no one is bound to agree with this.

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