Expectations from Indian Quiz team in European Quiz Championship

India is a country of many diversed regions, cultural backgrounds and varied communities in which there is also a community represented by people with sight loss and their community perspective in recent years has become complex, multy-dynamic and many affiliated commitments by certain people have delivered to the core that help this community to represent an equal unique position in the vast scale society of a country like India.
In leadership of certain personal like Mr Saurabh pant who belongs to a great family of hills in Nainital, things have been settled well in field of quizzing for such community perspective and as he said his team has made it possible by their great commitments in such a vast field in international circle that make it a well settled core and bring results beyond general expectations for which they all back each other and make the country proud by great quiz performances.
Thus by such process of commitment the team has become a prolific group on who’s sholder lot of hopes are dependent upon whenever they play abroad and bring happy moments by all account.
In this way when a quiz tournament such as big like European Quiz Championship is approaching from 12th to 16th of June 2019, many eyes in London will be on them also and they should be hope to make the cuntry proud by their gestures, commitmens and competing high amongst those 80 prominent teams from all 80 countries helping India lift one more happy moment if they are able to do well and make the country delighted by their valiant efforts in field of quizzing indeed.

If we take out the past record of Indian Visually Impaired quiz team in this championship, there are some smiling moments to cherish where India has reached the knock out stages but the problem has been the concentration of those pressure moments where they have done mistakes and thence India’s venture in such a big championship, that is second only to Quiz world cup, has been dismal and only up to the Semi finals.
The country has reached such a mark three times in past- being defeated in 1959 to Bulgaria; Being lost in 1975 to Czechoslovakia, and ultimately loosing to England in 1999 and hence has been only consolated for their great efforts in such a historic tournament.
In this way if we consider the past, it has been impact-one but not has been top graded which is to say that our country still remains to lift the trophy of the European Quiz championship and hopes remains a lot on this new team to do well in such a tournament.
What this team is expected more than any other past team to have is to handle pressure situations well and as they have shown that in past in countries like South Africa, new Zealand and Norway they have been able to do well in past and thence lot of hope rests on their shoulders to perform well in the coming championship for sure.

However many experts have their different views about how far this team can go into this bigger championship and what may be their methods to have success in such a great platform by complete commitment on show.
Basically it is debated that the team is more dependent on Saurabh and nandy by their roles and absence of one can cause challenges, but in recent past they have overcome that barier according to the experts when one amongst the two has been absent to see whether in their well felt lack of appearances team can do well and the results have been phenomenal even in their absence which shows that how team has been under the pump to perform.
Further experts have also been expectent in context of the braille rounds which will be more than others in this championship and here the captain’s role shal come to play that how he is able to rotate right answers into focus with top level speed to be in the contest and hence amongst 80 teams the experts hope that the team shall perform well.
Ultimately in context of typing and knock out rounds, the experts have adviced that team is in much proper balance with other three players coming into play and they believe that Saurabh and nandy are well prepared to rotate them well that can bring wonders and hopes are much high for the team to do great in the coming championship by these professional quiz experts as well.

At last India has done well in recent past in 2019 where they were able to be victorious in the Oslo Grand Quiz, went to top four in the Pan American Quiz tournament and the other three players have been also great in Iresh league and the Obsqurq circle games which shows that team is in nice balance and they are ready to take any team on their day in the knock out rounds but to do that they will have to cross 4 braille rounds and 2 typing rounds to be a better team and there how they play as a group shall come to act.
There is still wind of concern in a huge circle who is in dout whether to believe or not what they do as a group but these things not matter to them and only performing on stage matters more than anything which is the ultimate value for sure.
Thence they are happy for all those who are backing them for this coming championship, hoping to perform well on the day to go by, and by all chances there is huge excitement in the team and coach sir is on the mark hoping to see the team through that is phenomenal.
All that is required now that the championship start by and these peeps will be leaving on 11th morning to London via two connecting flights and they wish to perform well trying to stand up to the expectations they have, Till the happy moments come by it’s gratitude by all of them at large…


This is great brother and I want the see you perform one day, I’ll be the first of all or your fans to support and back you.
Your words and post are interesting and unique to read and thier impact too is just awesome.
Keep this good work going as long as you can

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