Everyone Falls in Love

A potter with his clay

The sun with the day

A rose with a lover,

A needy with the giver.

Everyone falls in love.

A singer with his song

Like merry ding dong.

A bee with the flowers,

A mysophobic with the showers.

Everyone falls in love.

A night with the stars,

A paladin with the wars.

A board with the chalk,

A wayfarer with the walk.

Everyone falls in love.

A devotee with the God,

A swordsman with his sword.

A bibliophile with the books,

A gourmand with the cooks.

Everyone falls in love.

A wife with his husband,

A bandsman with the band.

A cinephile with the movie,

A smoker with the doobie.

Everyone falls in love.

Don’t ever say,

I have never fallen in love”.

Even if you never fell for someone,

You fell in love with yourself.

Coz, everyone falls in love.



Beautiful composition with nice flow.
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Thanks a lot for your encouragement :blush:


My pleasure. Wish to read more​:blush::bouquet:
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this is really interesting :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, wow, wow! :heart_eyes:


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Thank you :heart_eyes: